Just Responsibilities

I have to live the next moment if I don’t die

So, I can’t jump of a cliff

To see I will sink in air or evolve to fly


I got responsibilities

So when I want to fly, I look at the clouds


Some can Jump

They got responsibilities, but they still can

And most o’them die


Yet some do fly, and teach us.

For they don’t jump blind

Years of fighting time with brain

Fighting the nonexistence with invention

And they dare to dream.


Even they, preparing, n’er knowing till success

If success is ever truth

Look at the clouds

With pocket full of responsibilities


When the clouds bring rain , we all get drenched

Whatever dreams we have,

All who looking at the clouds get drenched


Some of us have calculations to fly of to

Some of us have families to go to

Some of us are just just lonely

The cliff is often hidden away

And even the clouds are fleeting


Yet I am trapped in just the next moment, with so so many,

And just responsibilities, so so many.

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