STORY : Point Rajat

It would not do Rajat, where is your axis?

Why would I need an axis sir, you asked for a point, there is a point – Rajat innocently pointed out the dot he drew on Blackboard.

Mr. Bose paused. He never could determine if this boy does all of this to irritate him or if he really is a fool – without an axis how will you define, hear me, DEFINE the point?.

I will call it Mr. Bose or Rajat, sir – Rajat looked innocent and confused.

Bose realized it was a joke. The entire class was laughing. He realized he was getting tensed. If he use force now he wont be cool in front of his students, sarcasm must be replied back in bigger sarcasm before punishing him. Why the hell did he have to be a teacher. The class has started murmur now, some are passing comments, he gotta act now, now – Rajat, name it Rajat then. – He walked up to the Black board.

Done sir, its now Rajat.

Good, now let me draw the Reference Axis to this – Bose drew two Axes. He wrote intelligence in X and Handsome in Y – How do you like it now Rajat.

The class burst out laughing again, Axes was such that Point Rajat was almost in Zero for both. Bose won the game – Leave the class Rajat. The Axis serves a reference to identify, even the point identifies itself mostly basis on the axis.- He turned and fixed his eyes at the first boy Mohan. Mohan smiled and nodded. – He always smiles and nods, nice guy, less tension to handle – Bose silently murmured to himself. He could still see Rajat standing outside the class. – I won – He again silently murmured – I won big time. He even looks blunt and ugly.

Now getting back to the point – Bose rubbed off the intelligence and handsome words from the axis and put in some numbers and gave the point coordinates – Here, (5,9) , Now it acts as a ref…… – He could not believe his eyes, Rajat is not standing outside the class door, in his place Bose could see a floating (5,9). Bose could not move his eyes, slowly he could see vaguely Rajat’s face, as if coming back from air, Transparent. After quite a few mins he could see the boy more or less, but the floating number hovered over boldly. He could barely remember what was the boy’s name before he put a number against him. – I should not have rubbed his name off the Blackboard.

Well you can put it back sir, Its Rajat, sir – Mohan smiled and nodded.

Bose looked at Mohan, He looked at his class, From each student he could see emerging line connectors, reaching to the boy standing outside. Some connectors carried his name, some carried hate, some love, some carried just acknowledgement of existence. Then the lines started to crisscross, everybody to everybody, so so many lines. He closed his eyes.

Sir you ok. – You want some water sir. -Please sit down sir. – So many voices, asking same thing, concerned together. Bose still did not open his eyes. – I still can see now, its no longer points, it’s a solid circle now.- He could hear more concerned voices now after this statement, – and its growing bigger. It is creating its own references, within and outside.

Bose was in pain – I cant be without Axes, I need to be honest, or handsome, or ugly. I have to be be Communist, Atheist, Hindu Muslim Christian. I need to be somebody’s son, or wife or teacher. I need have coordinates, or else I only think, and only thus I am, and then as ‘I’ ‘am’, I think, thus there is no more in reference-less ‘I’ but thought. Then if ‘thought’ seeks identity, reference, and validation where do I give her that?- He could hear the unanimous uproar around him still.

Bose himself cried out – “Sir, are you ok, sir please have a seat, sir SIR SIIR.” He hoped the cry would melt him down to the ever increasing solid circle, which already have, and also created so so many references. Within and outside. He wanted, he hoped to be a part of the cry – “Sir SIR are you ok, you want some water sir? Sir?” – He continued.

  • PS please watch the movie Flatland. Its great. Its kind of old but I remembered it so many times while writing it.

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